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  • In Sri Lanka, village market (in Sinhala – ‘Pola’ and in Tamil – ‘Santhai’) is a meeting place for the community and also serves as the backbone of rural economies. This website provides information on Village Markets in each district and provides a mechanism to link those who want to help develop Sri Lanka directly with village markets in need of essential infrastructure.

  • You may locate your desired district → Divisional Secretariat → Fair Town, by navigating the map (all information is given on the website). The available facilities at the selected Village Fair can be viewed as well.

  • If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please email us. Make sure you write the district name and village fair name in the subject line.

  • Once you have identified a village fair you would like to help, the Weekly Village Fair – Customer Services Team will connect you with the local government agent in the selected district.

  • Once the local government agent (District Secretary) is notified of your willingness to help, the local government agent will conduct a complete assessment of the Village Fair and will let us know what upgrades are needed at that location.

  • Once the report is shared with you, you may negotiate and agree on the physical improvements you would like to sponsor: the value, the phase by phase implementation schedule of the project and the monetary value of the tranches of payment for each phase of work.

  • There are no restrictions, anyone who wishes to contribute to the upliftment of rural communities may donate.

  • Yes, we welcome your support onsite, but prior approval is required from the Government Agent (District Secretary) / Contractor, since some work requires skilled workers.

  • In the donating stage, the donor has complete freedom to drive the project according to their requirementswhile following local government rules and regulations.

  • One requirement is that if the donor wishes to donate goods, you should discuss with the local government agent and request for an assessment of the quantity of goods needed to commence the project.

  • If the donor decides to donate by remitting funds, it should be credited to the District Secretariat’s “OFFICIAL BANK ACCOUNT” and recorded as a receipt of the “general deposit account”. Disbursements will be made from the “GENERAL DEPOSIT ACCOUNT” managed by the District Secretariat, for each phase.

  • The first tranche will be for mobilisation, after each subsequent phase of work, the District Secretariat will share photographs and video records with the donor and upload them to the website. Subject to verification that the work is completed, the donor will remit the next tranche of funds for the next phase until the project is completed.

  • After completion of each phase of work, the District Secretariat will share photographs and video records with the donor and also, the ‘Weekly Village Fair’ Customer Service Team will upload photographs to the website.

  • Additionally, the donor can visit the location and review progress of the project.

  • Commercial and Industrial donors have the opportunity to promote their products and services at the developed village fair / ‘Pola’.

  • Please note that to promote your products and services prior approval is required of the owner of the land and / or the local authority is required. The Prime Minister’s Office and District Secretary will facilitate this process.

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